Kirrily Smith

Late last year, Kirrily had a stunningly elegant wedding, with modern twists and fun details. Wearing the beautiful ‘Faith’ by Karen Willis Holmes, Kirrily looked classic and fresh, perfectly reflecting her gorgeous theme.

Collage 1

Beautiful colour combinations!

Collage 2

Such classy bridesmaids dresses that complement the bridal gown beautifully!

Collage 3

Kirrily wears the beautiful ‘Faith’, by Karen Willis Holmes.

Collage 6

Collage 5

Kirrily had modern quirks throughout her wedding, such as large circular helium balloons, chalk boards, and rustic ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ labels.

Collage 7

Congratulations, Kirrily!

Collage 8

Collage 9

Collage 4

Beautiful, fresh table settings.

Collage 10

These balloons are such a great idea!

Collage 11

Collage 12

Collage 13

Congratulations, Kirrily! You look incredibly beautiful and happy.

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