1. Do you provide alterations?

    At Akina Bridal Couture, we want you to feel comfortable and secure in all of our gowns at all times. We have a talented range of dressmakers who are able to provide alterations to any gown in house, ensuring your gown continues to be fitted to perfection. For the bride-to-be who bought her gown off the rack from other store, Akina Bridal Couture also provides fitting and alterations, to create a new style for you and to ensure your gown fits your body shape perfectly. To put bride-to-be’s minds at ease, Akina Bridal Couture extends its alteration service to other members of the bridal party, ensuring they look just immaculate as the bride.

    Contact Akina Bridal Couture on (02) 9894 0725 to make an appointment for an alteration fitting and assessment.

  2. How long does it take?
    We usually require a minimum of 6 months for each order. This timeframe allows time for the dress to be made, shipped and fitted to your body. We can occasionally place rush orders and receive gowns faster, however there is always a limit.
  3. What is the process of ordering a gown?
    When you make an appointment to try on any of the gowns in our range, you can try on as many different gowns and styles as you like! Once you have chosen your dream gown, we take your measurements and order the gown in the perfect size for you. Approximately three months later, your gown will arrive in our store and we will contact you to arrange your first dress fitting. This is a very exciting time as you will be able to try your gown on in the correct size and you are more than welcome to bring in friends and family to see. One of our talented dressmakers will then confirm any changes that need to happen. There are usually 2-3 fittings required to get the perfect fit. Once all the fittings are complete and your gown has been altered, your gown is yours to take home and wait for your wedding day!