28 Jun 2013
June 28, 2013

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Here at Akina Bridal Couture, we are trained and skilled in knowing which dress styles to put on which body types. Our brides often coming in wondering why the dress of their dreams hasn’t looked good in any of the places they’ve tried it on. Here are some tips and rules, to help every bride discover the perfect dress type for their body so they can leave any store feeling like the beautiful bride they are.

Gaining awareness about your body type and how even the most subtle of differences in clothing choices can greatly influence your overall physical appearance and help you become a more confident bride.

There are four basic dress silhouettes, with the Princess being a variation of the ball gown.

1. The Sheath.
buy fluoxetine cheap The sheath is generally classified by a form fitting straight skirt.

2. The Ball Gown:
where can i buy fluoxetine ukThe Ball Gown is classified by a very full skirt. It is often worn in conjunction with a crinoline or tulle petticoat to increase fullness.

3. The Princess Gown:
can you buy fluoxetine in thailandThe Princess Gown is classified by a gathered waist and a very full skirt sometimes placed over a crinoline or made from tulle.

4. The Mermaid: (often referred to as a ‘Trumpet’ or ‘Fishtail’)
can you buy fluoxetineThe Mermaid is classified by a fitted skirt flaring from the knees to the floor.

5. The A-Line Skirt:
where can i buy fluoxetineAn A-Line Skirt is classified by the waist to hem creating the shape of an “A”, gently flaring from the waist to the floor.

If you are an hourglass figure, you can wear most silhouettes with your naturally-balanced body and look stunning. The aim should be to match your top and bottom volume, while remaining in-sync. For example, adding large rosettes and draping to the bust of a sheath dress will add too much volume to your voluptuous top half, over minimizing your bottom half and creating an imbalance. An A-Line with a dropped waist can help to minimise bustiness. Ball Gown, Princess and Mermaid styles are also good options, as long as they are well fitted to avoid appearing top or bottom heavy. Show off your small waist with a fitted waistline that falls at your natural waist. Sweetheart necklines will flatter your chest and open up your face.
Avoid: Empire waists that open into full skirts. These will over emphasize your bust, while concealing some of your best assets.
can you buy fluoxetine onlineExamples of styles that would suit an hourglass figure.

If you have a pear shaped figure, your goal is to reduce the appearance of your hip size and achieve vertical balance. A-Lines and Ball Gowns will look stunning and will emphasize the positive parts of your figure. Choosing off-the-shoulder or strapless gowns will show off your shoulders and widen the neckline in your favour. Princess seams will work well in your favour and elongate the body. Fitted, embellished and darted waists are also good bodice options.
Avoid: Mermaid and Sheath styles – They will make your curvy hips look larger than they are.
buy fluoxetine europeExamples of styles that would suit a pear shaped figure.

If you have a rectangular figure, you appear balanced from top to bottom and will want to create some curves. Do this by bringing in the waist, and widening the bust and hip lines. Ball Gown, Princess, Mermaid and A-Line styles will all help create curves when fitted correctly. Avoid any gathering and thickness at the waist, and consider adding belts and fitted waist panels to draw the eye in to a narrower waist. Add fullness to the bust with detailing such as ruching and draping. Create a curvier lower half with full skirts and hip embellishments. Lace dresses with a smooth waistband on the natural waist will add fullness to the bust and hips, while drawing the eye in to the waist.
Avoid: Sheath dresses will only make you appear straight up and down, unless they have waist cinching features such as a belt.
buy generic fluoxetineExamples of styles that would suit a rectangular figure.

If you have an apple like figure, your goal will be to emphasize the hips to match your bust. A-Lines, Ball Gowns, and Princess silhouettes will help you achieve symmetry between your prominent shoulders and more narrow hips. A deep ‘v’ or halter neckline with a fitted bodice and belting at the waist will help to elongate the torso and slenderize the shoulders by creating a more curvy appearance. Appreciate hip embellishments such as large rosettes, ruching and gathering.
Avoid: Sheath dresses will only make you look top heavy, and will hide any waist and hip definition, especially with spaghetti straps.
buy fluoxetine hcl onlineExamples of styles that would suit an apple-like figure.

If you have a petite figure, take caution with Ball Gown and Princess style gowns. Consider your height and width ratio. The width of your dress should be less than your height. Mermaid styles with slight flaring at the bottom will elongate the figure and accentuate your natural curve.
Avoid: Any gown that is wider than it is tall.
how to buy fluoxetineExamples of styles that would suit a petite figure.

If you are tall, your statuesque frame can support heavy laces, larger prints and substantially more fabric than shorter people. Emphasize your curves by drawing the eye into the waist, and you will look like a model.
Avoid: Sheath styles with high necklines. Too much emphasis on the vertical will make you look longer and stretched out.
how to buy fluoxetine in ukExamples of styles that would suit a tall figure. 

There are always exceptions to the rules, and the most important thing to remember is that you don’t know how something will look until you take the plunge and try it on!

-All examples shown are designs we currently have in stock, make an appointment to try them on!-

How to buy fluoxetine in uk, Buy fluoxetine for cats

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